And Magical

Anne Klaas, manager of the EMS Galerie in Rheine wanted to make a statement with the center's Christmas tree, and she got a real fairytale: a huge, generously decorated festive tree from MK Illumination. Center manager Patrick Stürmer said the tree, dressed in natural color accents and regional woodcarvings created a traditional yet magical Christmas story. "The creative staging of the Christmas decorations were perfectly adapted to the warm, cozy atmosphere of the EMS Galerie, as did the attention to detail and the uniform nature of the language of form and color,” added Ms. Klaas.

EMS Galerie welders handmade huge animal figures, and when illuminated they were very popular selfie motifs. The galley's outer façade sparkled with thousands of LED light points and a giant chandelier made from specially developed stitched fabric made a fascinating contrast to the darkness. It also added the right amount of Christmas flair during the day.