Approach & Values

When it comes to creating a True Light Experience for your space, our full-service offering means that we can help you from start to finish. Only need help with part of your project or simply want to purchase products? We can help with that, too.

If you’re interested in understanding our values, you can learn more about what drives us here.

A Full-Service Approach

  • Project start:

    Before we do anything, we get together to talk to you about the challenges that you face; what you need; and what MK Illumination is able to offer.

  • Local input:

    If we’re a good fit for each other, we go deeper. Perhaps you have a detailed brief that we can discuss. Perhaps you’re in the early stages of thinking about your festive lighting. Either way, we’ll work with you to understand what you want to achieve with festive decorative lighting, what is technically possible, what potential limits we face (for example, fire, security or building restrictions) and any other relevant information in order to get a clear picture of your specific needs.

  • Consulting, brainstorming, design:

    Back at MK, we get our team together to work through all the information we’ve collected. This involves just about every department in MK: sales, design, technical, and project management, and we combine our international expertise with regional and local insights, and our knowledge of your situation, too.

    We’ll consult with you during this process, to share ideas and make sure that we’re on the right track. Once we’re happy, we craft a story and create a concept based on that story that includes suitable lighting, motifs and decoration, which our design team transforms into initial visualizations, new motifs, highlights, photo points and more.

  • The right solution for you:

    We present our ideas, tweak and tune them with your input, and when you’re happy, we get started.

  • Selection of materials, specification, ordering:

    Our project management, design, technical and customer service teams draft detailed specifications for everything involved in bringing your festive decorative lighting to life: each individual product, motif, greenery item, light product, decoration and anything else that we need. Then we place orders for them with our respective production facilities.

  • Technical and installation planning:

    In parallel, we develop an installation plan that takes into action all technical and space-related considerations in order to ensure the smooth installation of your order.

  • Manufacture, quality control, transport, logistics:

    The products, motifs and other items that we’ve ordered for your project are produced, tested and packed in our production facilities and are delivered to your location and unpacked, ready for installation, in accordance with our project and technical planning.

  • Site installation:

    We’re now ready for site installation. All products, motifs and design elements are assembled and wired according to the installation plan. We set up animations and interactive themes. We carry out functional tests to make sure that everything is working as it should. We make sure that everything is perfect: your concept is so clean that it sparkles, your greenery hangs and drapes beautifully, the display looks and functions as promised. When we’re ready we unveil the display to you, give you the opportunity to make sure that you’re happy, and ask for sign-off.

  • Switch on:

    Now the fun starts: it’s switch on time! You might want to keep the switch-on low-key, or you might choose to turn it into the event of the year, with an integrated marketing campaign, excited guests and entertainment. It’s up to you – and of course, we’re full of ideas to get you thinking ahead of time if needed.

  • Dismantling, storage, maintenance:

    All good things come to an end eventually, and so will the season for your lighting display. We’ll arrive punctually, according to our agreed timescales, and we’ll dismantle everything; carry out any essential maintenance; clean, label and package every single light, motif and design element; and then we’ll store your dismantled display in your warehouse, all ready for installation in the future.

Core Values
  • Experiences that add value

    Our True Light Experiences and MK Themed Attractions deliver added-value because they make people happy. Added-value = real moments of happiness.

  • Industry leader in quality standards

    Our lighting, decoration and themed attraction products are safe, legal, efficient and as far as possible, sustainable. In short: if you want to BUY SMART you want to buy from MK Illumination.

  • Local expertise, global experience

    We transform spaces of all shapes and sizes with light and design, applying valuable global experience and understand of world-wide trends whilst keeping local values and cultural expectations in mind.

  • Inspired, design-driven approach

    We draw inspiration from many sources, combining that with a deep understanding of how design can be used to create emotion and experiences.

  • Team of experts with a full-service offering

    Wherever you are in the process of choosing lighting and products to create an experience for your space, our team of experts are ready to help. From initial input, briefing and design, to manufacture, installation and site dismantling, we do it all.

  • Courageous & open

    We’re open to new ideas and we’re courageous enough to challenge the norm, think differently and try new things to create extraordinary experiences.

  • In-house production

    We manufacture our lighting design and non-lighting design products, and manage quality in our production facilities in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa.

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