String lite decoration at a square and light arches simulating water of a fountain in the city of Uherské Hradiště, Czech Republic.
#Public Spaces    09/08/2018

A Christmas fairy tale in Uherské Hradiště

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This is part of our series of “festive season inspiration”. Today, we’ll be taking a look at how an old city in the Czech Republic used festive lighting to infuse their main square and streets with Christmas spirit.

The story

The Czech city of Uherské Hradiště is an old city. It was founded in 1257 by the Czech king Otakar II, and today it is renowned for its characteristic folklore, music, costumes and traditions, and it’s historical town center is charming and well-preserved.

The people of Uherské Hradiště are proud of their city and so it came as no surprise to hear that the city’s officials had reviewed their winter lighting and weren’t happy: the existing lighting was disjointed, with different types of lighting in different districts, much of it somewhat “tired” and dated.

In short, the city wanted help to fill their public spaces with a festive atmosphere that told a powerful, consistent story that residents and visitors alike could enjoy.

The MK Illumination team met with the mayor to discuss possibilities. Through a series of conversations, it became clear that that Uherské Hradiště’s town square was the beating heart of the city and the center of local activity.

MK Illumination proposed a solution that would turn the town square into winter fairy tale with a combination of hanging lights, tree lights and lights to lighting popular features in and around the square. The theme would continue into pedestrian streets leading off the square, creating a safe, light-filled route into and out of the square, allowing visitors to safely tour the city at night.

Their emphasis was on maintaining the city’s unique feel, creating a lighting experience that was modern but that also enhanced the traditional elements of the city. The city was delighted and our team set to work.

In November, the city was full of anticipation as the first lights began to appear. Glittering chains of Christmas lights sparkled high above the heads of visitors and connected to stands in the local Christmas market. Trees were draped with lights, the façades of local buildings highlighted with tasteful accent lighting, and the fountain, a popular meeting point for locals, was decorated with cascading warm light to emulate running water.

Visitors flocked to the square, marveling at the lights, and sipping mulled wine as they enjoyed the Christmas atmosphere created by the illuminated square and streets.
“We wanted visitors to feel as if they had stepped into a magical Christmas tale, one that they could share and enjoy with a friend or their family or a lover. We succeeded!” – Anton Kozubik, Managing Director, MK Illumination Czech Republic

The residents of Uherské Hradiště are looking forward to the start of the next festive season, when the lights will be installed once again.

Want to know more?

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