Light greenery trees with golden and silver baubles and light motifs of shooting stars and snow crystalls hanging from the ceiling inside a shopping center.
#Inspiration    02/04/2019

Art imitates life: nature-inspired LEDs

Over the festive season in 2018/2019, our team in China helped Ruihong Tiandi create a series of nature-inspired lighting installations that brought wild animals from China and further afield into the heart of the busy city of Shanghai.

Zootopia featured islands of displays that invited shoppers to move throughout the center, indoors and out, to see a diverse range of creatures including flamingos, foxes, giraffes, and reindeer.

But animals aren’t the only natural elements that they introduced: their interactive “Tree of Hope”, filled with 1,000 origami cranes made from recycled PET plastic, acted as both a decompression zone and as a space where friends and strangers could influence how much light and sound the tree emitted.

Using light to bring nature into a space is incredibly popular and light sculptures, crystalline art, and nature-motifs that feature LED light points can act as visitor magnets, photo points, and ways to create user-generated online content and media engagement.

Over the years, we’ve created nature-inspired designs that are suitable for all spaces and for a variety of themes and campaigns, and we thought we’d put a few together for you to get you thinking. Is 2019 the year that you’ll transform your shopping, city, or space into a delightfully “wild” experience?

Wondering how you can turn your space into a nature-filled attraction?

We have a selection of nature-inspired motifs and we can custom-design extraordinary highlight features that will make your space the talk of the town. Get in touch with us for a chat about what you’re thinking, and we can give you input, ideas, and tailor-made inspiration!

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