Decorated christmas tree with Candle light by Rotpfeil in a modern living room.
#Products    25/06/2019

The NEW QuickFix™ Candle Light from MK Illumination

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In many countries, it’s traditional to attach real candles to Christmas trees to celebrate the festive season. This looks beautiful but fire and wood combined with interior fabrics can be somewhat risky, especially if young children are in the room or if you have to urgently leave home and forget to extinguish the flames.

In commercial environments like retail spaces and shopping centers, using real candles on trees is a definite no-no from a health and safety perspective, so what can you do to recreate the look and feel of real candle light without the fire risk?

The answer is: use MK Illumination’s brand new QuickFix™ Candle Light chain, truly a world-first when it comes to classic, traditional light chains. This light chain offers high-quality LED shaft lamps that emulate candle light and that comes with a long life and low energy consumption, which gives you a solution that is more efficient and sustainable than ever before.

We’ve given the light chain a new PVC housing that makes it more robust and breakproof than conventional candle light chains. The housing also makes them easier to handle when hanging lights professionally – a plus for shopping centers and malls as well as hotels and leisure attractions.

As an additional bonus, you can easily combine the QuickFix™ Candle Light chain with other MK Illumination products like our String Lite chains and our QuickFix™ or Organic Motifs, which gives you a wealth of application design possibilities.

If you’re already using OSRAM CAK 15, our QuickFix™ Candle Light chain is the perfect alternative.

How many chains do you need?

Good question. We know that it can be tricky to work out how many chains you need to decorate coniferous trees, so why not contact us and let us work it out for you. We’ll send you a quantity calculation for the decoration and installation of your tree (or trees) to save you time and help with your planning.

More questions?

We’d be happy to answer them. Simply get in touch.

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