Light sculptures of dandelions between with string lite decorated trees and a rearing unicorn at Eastwood avenue in the city of Quezon City, Philippines.
#Public Spaces    30/11/2018

Eastwood City’s Enchanted Forest of Lights

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Earlier this month, Manila’s Eastwood City unveiled it’s 2018 holiday lighting and décor to the delight of excited visitors. This year’s theme, “Enchanted Forest of Light”, features over 1.3 million LED light points that light up over 100 festive lighting displays that appear throughout Eastwood Citywalk, Eastwood Avenue, and Eastwood Mall Open Park in Quezon City.

“The Enchanted Forest of Lights is like nothing you’ve seen before,” said Mathias Fenger, the Executive Director of MK Themed Attractions in the Philippines who incorporated MK Illumination’s products into the festive celebration. “Everyone who sees the light displays is filled with the wonder and magic of the season. Adults rediscover their ‘inner child’, and children stand wide-eyed before trying to clamber up the 3D light sculptures. Fortunately, our products are all IP67 compliant, which means a low voltage, so if children do get away from their parents, they’ll be safe.”

What you’ll find in the forest

In this year’s Enchanted Forest of Lights, visitors can look forward to an extravaganza of rainbow-colored, larger-than-life animals, sea creatures, and festive characters, many of which come from MK Illumination’s range of festive lighting products. The 60+ creatures include a blue dolphin, a pair of giraffes – mother and child, squirrels, penguins and more.

The forest also features Christmas trees, including an iconic 50-feet Christmas tree that dominates the skyscape, as well as 80 magical illuminated dandelions that peak out from between light-wrapped trees and lighting displays.

Something for the whole family

From fantastic creatures to enormous plants and trees there’s something for everyone in the Enchanted Forest of Lights.

The Enchanted Forest of Lights will keep the nights brightly lit until January 13th, so if you’re in the area, it’s the place to be.

Find out how to transform your space for the festive season

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can incorporate festive decorative lighting into your space to create a visitor attraction that people can’t resist, get in touch  with us. We have ideas to help you create a 360 degree experience with festive lighting at its heart.

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