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Exploring MK Illumination’s Enchanted Forest at Christmasworld

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Today, we’ll be focusing on the Enchanted Forest, a hidden world of fantastic beasts, soaring birds, magical places to rest, and curious creatures that are seldom seen. World-class design meets cutting-edge technology, like integrated dual-color light, iString effects, and pressure-sensor lighting that brings designs to life.

Each item on display has custom-designed by one of our talented international designers, and handmade in our production facilities.

They challenge the status quo, and invite visitors to explore how to use lighting and design create festive lighting and decoration that can be integrated into large campaigns to drive footfall, improve visitor flow, and encourage longer stays.

This is the first part of a two-part post, so be sure to read the second part of this post when you’re done.

Let’s get started!

The motifs

  • Ulf the Pink Reindeer

    Although Ulf is a reindeer, he has some remarkably human qualities: he’s occasionally clumsy, sometimes quirky, and always friendly. Welded and modeled in pink powder-coated aluminum (we did say he was quirky!), he is filled with mesh wire and sports 3D-printed antlers.

  • Fairytale Fungi

    In the heart of the forest luminous Fairytale Fungi grow. These magical creatures fade from warm white to brilliant white when humans sit on them, thanks to a cleverly hidden pressure sensor. And because Fairytale Fungi always appear in family groups, they turn any space into an inviting and comfortable seating area.

  • The Paradise Tree

    In a sun-dappled clearing the rare and majestic Paradise Tree grows, glowing with warm white light. Branches hang low, dripping with glittering crystal chains, and lustrous leaves weave their way up to the wondrous jewel-topped crown, filling all who see it with joy.

  • The Magical Garden

    In the Magical Garden, the soil is alive with possibility. Seeds sprout and grow into branches that end in crystalline blooms, creating a tropical oasis that shimmers with warm white light and life. The garden is home to the illusive Xanadu birds adorned in their glittering geometrical feathered finery.

Meet Carolin Wolters

Carolin Wolters is the designer of Ulf the Pink Reindeer, Fairytale Fungi, The Paradise Tree, and The Magical Garden.

“Light is life. I contrast color, light and design, taking inspiration from the world around me to create wondrous atmospheres that engage people emotionally. The effect is remarkable all year round, but particularly over the cold, dark months, when I like to harness the power of light to lift moods and make spaces inviting, warm, and sometimes, even magical.”

Carolin studied fashion design at The Academy for Fashion and Design (AMD) in Düsseldorf. She started her career as a designer for Swarovski, then for the fashion label “Manufaktur Herzblut” before joining MK Illumination in their Design, Creation & Concept department. Carolin pursues her passion for design and fashion in her free time, too. She is the designer of a number of fashion collections and is often asked for her creative direction and aesthetic eye for fashion shoots.

  • The Arch of Life

    There is no better designer than nature, and the Arch of Life is inspired by the drama and magnificence of the natural world. The result is not simply a festive display, and certainly not a “product”, but rather an atmospheric experience that plays on people’s emotions and challenges the status quo.

Meet Pedro Teixeira

Pedro Teixeira is the designer of The Arch of Life.

“I believe that as creatives we are also storytellers: a little piece of ourselves goes into each of our creations, and with it, the story of their making. I use light to tell stories and I like to think that I don’t just create Christmas décor, but rather that I use light and decoration as a vehicle to stimulate people’s imaginations.”

Pedro studied arts and design in Portugal and since 2008 he has been involved in designing festive decoration for shopping centers and malls. He is passionate about not simply creating “products”, but rather about creating “emotion” and this guiding principle informs his approach to design at all times. As part of the design team at MK Illumination, he uses his unique perspective and design expertise to create original festive lighting displays.

  • Bird Chandelier

    Delicately modeled and hand-painted by artisans in fiberglass, a flock of birds is captured in mid-flight. The songbirds are a symbol of a fleeting and fragile moment of beauty.

Meet Georg Öhler

Georg Öhler is the designer of Bird Chandelier.

“As a design tool, light probably has the most powerful impact on people’s emotions, regardless of their culture or background. It is to the eye what music is to the ear, surrounding objects, architecture, space and us in ephemeral waves of sensation.”

Georg studied architecture in Innsbruck and Madrid, and worked internationally with furniture, interiors and architecture before founding Georg Oehler Design, London. He represented Austria at Milan Design Week in 2012 and 2016 and since joining MK Illumination as Creative Director, he has been
instrumental in our design-driven approach to festive lighting.

  • The Noble Forest Stag

    The Stag is timeless. He has always been in the forest, rooted in autumn, emerging from the darkness of winter before leaping into a blooming spring and exuberant summer, his limbs and horns intertwined with greenery and string lights. He protects all who enter his realm, animal and human, guiding them safely to their destination.

Meet Rachel Greene

Rachel Greene  is the designer of The Noble Forest Stag.

“A passion for design drives me in everything that I do. I found a little piece of heaven when I discovered the lighting industry, because I love it. For me, there is no better feeling than seeing the sheer joy that beautifully designed lighting and decoration brings to others, and knowing that I was part of creating that experience.”

Rachel began her design career as a knitwear designer with a qualification in Fashion Design, before returning to college where she studied Spatial Design. In 1996, she began working in production at lighting supplier LDJ as an interim role: it turned out to be a perfect fit and she stayed. LDJ became Fuzzwire, which was eventually purchased by MK Illumination and 22 years on, Rachel is still working with lighting and design and she loves every moment of what she does!

  • The Majestic Lion

    Strong but silent, the Majestic Lion’s power lies partly in his striking mane of light-filled greenery and autumnal leaves, and partly in his fur of shimmering mirror prisms that reflect and refract. His hypnotic gaze invites you to stop, forget your worries, and journey with him to a magical place…

  • The Majestic Lion

    Strong but silent, the Majestic Lion’s power lies partly in his striking mane of light-filled greenery and autumnal leaves, and partly in his fur of shimmering mirror prisms that reflect and refract. His hypnotic gaze invites you to stop, forget your worries, and journey with him to a magical place…

Meet Sonja Brandmaier

Sonja Brandmaier is the designer of The Majestic Lion.

“For me, light is the main medium of expression: it is energy, emotion, poetry, and ultimately, visual symphony. It’s a joy to work with light in the context of sculpture and staging: to experiment and innovate, to challenge and be challenged, to discover and uncover.”

Sonja studied sculpture and glass design before embarking on her studies in stage design at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. She embarked on a career as a stage and costume assistant and for a number of years was responsible for designing original stages and costumes for well-known productions and theater companies worldwide.

She joined MK Illumination’s Design, Creation & Concept department in 2017 where she now builds on her diverse background to design remarkable lighting creations.

  • The Mystic Stag

    As if by magic, the Mystic Stag appears out of nowhere. Ancient, regal and proud, he is truly one of a kind, changing in color from the warmest of whites to a rich red. His skyward-reaching antlers transform into branches and birds find refuge in the canopy. If only he could speak, we know that his tale would be spellbinding…

  • Other-worldly Mare

    A magnificent black mare leaps from a mirror that ripples with movement. Nostrils flaring, untamed mane, the mare seems frozen in time, caught between the mirror and the world beyond. Is the golden frame a real mirror, or is it a portal to unknown worlds?

Meet Camilla Eriksson

Camilla Eriksson is the designer of The Mystic Stag and the Other-worldly Mare.

“Having grown up in the north, where winters are long and dark, I have a deep respect and love of light. It’s vital to me and to humankind. As a designer and an artist, light forms part of my palette and I use it to evoke feelings, tell stories and create immersive worlds.”

After obtaining qualifications in graphic design, illustration and art, Camilla pursued a successful career as an art director, creative director and product designer for several well-known companies before joining MK Illumination Sweden as their concept designer.

She has created immersive lighting experiences for a wide range of clients, including the Mall of Scandinavia, Linköping and Karlstad, amongst others. Throughout her career Camilla has pursued her artistic passions and is often invited to exhibit her work locally.

  • The Winter Unicorn

    The Winter Unicorn's muscles ripple as it rears up, resplendent with its golden horn, iString Lite tail swirling around its body. It might not seem a natural part of the wintery forest, but look closer: its tattoo of snowflakes tells an altogether different story, one of enchantment and belonging...

    The Winter Unicorn is a collaborative design from all our Christmasworld designers.

  • The Magical Lounge

    The Magical Lounge is a delightful blend of a faceted, gem-shaped structure with organic accents. Our goal was to create something extraordinary; an unforgettable experience. With its balanced tension of formal and natural elements, it’s a beautiful, multi-purpose structure that can become anything; from a chic V.I.P. Lounge to a whimsical Santa Set. The only limitation is your imagination.

    The Magical Lounge came into existence thanks to the creativity of 8 talented designers at American Christmas led by Steve Worthington and Kate Bezhevets.

Meet Steve Worthington and Kate Bezhevets

Steve Worthington is the Vice President of Design at American Christmas. He has worked for national retailers in various creative capacities in Visual Merchandising and Creative Concept for over 14 years, including high profile clients such as Victoria’s Secret, PINK, and Ann Taylor. He has earned degrees and certifications from Ohio State, Columbus State, Columbus College of Art and Design and SVA. His previous roles during his 3 ½ years at American Christmas have included those of Art Director and Creative Director.

Kate Bezhevets is a Design Manager at American Christmas and over the last 8 years she has been involved with the development of many iconic New York displays like Saks, Ferragamo, and Cartier. A graduate of Kuban State University, Kate is passionate about design and takes every opportunity to learn new software and develop her skills. Her extensive Production Management experience and deep knowledge of Production and Manufacturing processes is integral to the implementation of large-scale creative endeavors.

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