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The winter season is fast approaching in the north, and Christmas and the festive holidays are just around the corner, too. Cities, shopping centers and visitor attractions around the world know that this is an important time in the calendar.

In countries where it starts to get cold and dark early in the day, it’s vital to do SOMETHING to get people out of their homes to ensure that local businesses continue to thrive over the winter months – online shopping and door-to-door delivery means that this can be a challenge.

In places where Christmas or the festive holidays are celebrated – whether for religious or secular reasons – it’s vital to get into the seasonal spirit and attract visitors to enjoy the festivities.

There are many ways to do this, but all of them rely on light. This even applies to countries in the southern hemisphere who celebrate the holidays in mid-summer.

If you want to do something special, early planning is essential.  In fact, some of the most spectacular light and design displays that we’ve created over the years have taken a year or longer to plan.

What can you do if you’ve left your festive lighting planning to the last minute?

Don’t worry, we won’t scold you. We understand that “life happens”. With that in mind, we have asked our fantastic team of lighting experts in Austria and Germany for their recommendations if you need to get your holiday lighting and décor sorted out quickly.

We asked our team what products they would suggest for customers doing some last-minute planning, and why.

Here’s what some of them said.

Key Account Manager, Electrical Wholesale, Germany & Austria

Erich Moises

I’d recommend products from our QuickFix™ collection in combination with products from our Lighting Design range, depending on what we have in stock and what sort of solution the customer wants, and of course, depending on what is achievable in the customer’s space.

Using these products, customers have a huge choice of lighting effects and styles to choose from, and we can create something that turns any space into a local attraction and keep things simple at the same time.

These are top quality LED light products – exactly what you’d expect from MK Illumination – and on top of that, they’re easy to install and extend.

Sales & Special Projects, Austria

Elke Gstraunthaler

Ooh, tough choice! If you really push me, and thinking specifically of light that can have a great impact in streets, I’d have to say a combination Ice Lites and Organic motifs.

I’m a big fan of Ice Lites because they are much more than just a “chain” of lights – they’re also more delicate, which appeals to my aesthetic. Organic motifs have a lot of longevity: they’re perfect for Christmas, but they work well throughout the winter and can be used successfully year-round to give streets a bit of “oomph” and atmosphere.

Sales & Special Projects, Austria

Frank Delazer

When customers come to me at this time of the year, they’re often feeling quite stressed. It’s my job to find a solution that looks fantastic and that’s easy to use.

With that in mind, I’d suggest our Magic String Lites, Drape Lites and Organic products.

They’re really simple install and they add “wow” to any space.

Head of Sales, Public Spaces, Germany

Alexander Triendl

If I try to put myself into my customers’ shoes, I’m thinking that – aside from speed – they’ll want lighting products that modular, expandable and that we typically have in stock.

Obviously, there might be other requirements, but assuming that this is a good starting point, I’d recommend our QuickFix™ product line – like String Lites, Drape Lites, Ice Lites and Magic String Lites – and combine them with QuickFix™ motifs, too.

In addition, I’m a big believer in the power of using light to decorate living trees. There’s something about the combination of light and a natural tree that just works. It doesn’t really matter how large or small the tree is, if it’s evergreen or completely leafless over the winter season, the result is always stunning.

So, if the customer has a few trees in the area, then I’d also recommend our “String Lite 90”, which is our “growing light chain” product. It can remain in the tree for years without harming the tree, which means that it not only looks good over winter but all year round, too.

Project Management, Retail Real Estate Sales, Germany

Tomy Edgar Adis

I think that I am going to be contrary and not specify a particular product. Why? Because we have a fantastic list that we use in-house that I can consult to find individual products – sometimes real highlight pieces – that can make a last-minute project look like something that’s been planned for years!

So my advice to a customer having a panic about lighting would be to simply give us a ring.

We all bend over backward to come up with the right solutions for clients, regardless of the project size or type, and knowing our team, I know that a conversation would yield the best results.

Head of Sales & Special Projects, Austria

Andreas Frischmann

My aim would be to help the customer create the right atmosphere for their space with the least possible stress. Because no one needs more stress at Christmas, right?

To do this, I’d suggest using three products that I feel give the maximum impact for the least effort: our Magic String Lites, String Lites and Drape Lites.

Aside from being easy to use and straightforward to install, they’re easy to extend, which means that they can transform spaces of any size or shape into magical places. They’re also modular and thanks to their QuickFix™ connectors, than can be combined with other QuickFix™ products if needed to add “wow”.

Sales Manager, Retail Real Estate, Germany

Andreas Armbrust

If you really want to put me on the spot and ask for products or product ranges, then I’d probably suggest our QuickFix™ String Lites, Giant Tree and Deco Tree products, and combine those with highlight pieces that we still have in stock.

These products work in almost any space, with the right constellation, but there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to festive lighting if the objective is to make a real impression.

Even if time is short, it’s important to look at the space and make suggestions based on what’s realistic.

One other product that comes to mind is our Magic String Lite series. Even if time is very, very tight, we can use chains of Magic String Lites (they’re extendable thanks to the QuickFix™ connectors) to add sparkle to just about any façade. This is my “instant festive atmosphere” recommendation!

Now you have the knowledge. So what are the next steps?

You know that you need to get your Christmas and festive lighting planned and in place, and you have some ideas about what projects might be useful in achieving those goals, but how can you get started?

Simply pick the phone or send us an email and let’s start the conversation. Don’t wait too long, though. Time flies and the festive season will be here before you know it.

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