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#Products    21/05/2019

Introducing PURE LIGHT by MK Illumination

Today we’ll be taking a look at how you can use MK Illumination’s PURE LIGHT LED products to create festive atmospheres and lighting displays that fill people with happiness. You might also be interested in our posts on SPARKLING LIGHT and ANIMATED LIGHT.

Our PURE LIGHT series features 4 lighting products that are minimal and classy, and that can be used alone or in combination with other lighting products to create visually interesting and engaging visual scenes that tap into peoples’ emotions.


Distinct, stylish, and minimalistic, our Kronux string light has been designed to bring architectural elements to life. Vary the spacing of light points to create interesting light effects that range from innovative and architectural to classic and homogeneous. Ideal for facades and architectural highlighting.

Strip Lite®

Our LED Strip Lite is a professional low-voltage light suitable for indoor and outdoor displays. It can easily be mounted to rails and ledges and is a good choice for both direct and indirect lighting needs. Thanks to its extra-low voltage (SELV), our Strip Lite is particularly well suited for lighting displays with easy public access, and where low voltage is a legal requirement.


Rope Light®

Our LED Rope Lite products come with either 30 or 36 light points per segment. These flexible rope lights area idea for architectural highlights and contouring, and come in a range of colors. Choose from our indoor range or opt for the IP67 certified products if water resistance is a must.


Our High Linear LED products are slim, stylish, and perfect for creating minimal but dramatic lighting effects. Use on walls to create a feeling of movement or get playful and create throw-back chandeliers or geometric designs that illuminate and add interest, all at once.


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