Trees with string lite paving the way to the winery Schloss Wackerbarth in Radebeul, Germany.
#Products    28/02/2019

Introducing SPARKLNG LIGHT by MK Illumination

Thanks to the rapid growth of MK Illumination, our product ranges grew rapidly and last year, we decided to review our products and sort them into categories that would be easy to understand. Today, we want to introduce you to SPARKLING LIGHT by MK Illumination.

Lights in this product range offer a simple way to create spectacular visual displays and fill spaces of all shapes and sizes with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you want lights that drape or hang, or you want to line facades or decorate structures, the lights in this range can be combined to great effect. Thanks to their IP67 rating, all lights in this range work well outside thanks to being dustproof and protected against temporary submersion up to a maximum depth of 1 meter of water for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Want to create a stunning display that requires kilometers of lighting? No problem. Our SPARKLING LIGHTS use our patented QuickFix® system, which means that they can be connected and extended. Perfect for large spaces!

How can you use lights from the SPARKLING LIGHT range?

The possibilities are endless. Line architectural elements, hang strings of lights like shimmering curtains, drape lights around trees and other structures, decorate hard-to-reach spaces using lights embedded in mesh. Here are some of the ways that we’ve used SPARKLING LIGHT in projects around the world

Ideal for Christmas, or all year round

These lights result in a classy atmosphere, which makes them ideal for Christmas as well as for year-round lighting for cities, shopping centers, restaurants, and visitor attractions like zoos and museums. The low-energy LEDs are top-quality MK Illumination products that keep their sparkle and last longer than you can imagine, which not only means that you’ll save on electricity and help the environment, but you lighting display will shine year in and year out without fading.

Take a peek at the lights in this range or contact us to discuss how to use them in a lighting display that will turn your space into a destination.

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