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#Light Festivals    13/08/2019

Japan’s Festa Luce Light Parks: and then there were two!

If you’re in Japan over the festive season this year, you’re in for a treat. Festa Luce in Wakayama Marina City will be back again for the 3rd time, and a brand new Festa Luce will appear in Nasu Rindo Lake View.

What’s Festa Luce?

Festa Luce is a Light Park that originated in Wakayama Marina City in 2017. For the duration of the festive season, the park is transformed into a European Christmas experience, that combines light, entertainment, shopping, and a European-style Christmas market (with mulled wine, no less!) to create holiday experience unlike any other found in Japan.

It’s a great evening out for the whole family, and one that has proven to be both successful and profitable for the organizers, which is why this year, visitors will be able to enjoy two Festa Luce Light Parks, one in Wakayama Marina City and another in Nasu Rindo Lake View for an incredible 4.5 months

What can you expect to see if you go?

They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words, so here’s a taster from our team at MK Illumination Japan.

Visit Festa Luce

The two Festa Luce events take place from September 2019 to March 2020, so you have lots of time to see both:

Festa Luce Tochigi

Festa Luce Tochigi will be opening its doors on 21st September 2019 and will end on 25th December.Festa Luce Wakayama will be open to the public on 2nd November and will end on 1st March 2020.

Festa Luce Wakayama

Festa Luce Wakayama will be open to the public on 2nd November and will end on 1st March 2020.

For more information about what’s on, visit

Turn your public space into a popular visitor attraction using the Festa Luce principle

Festa Luce is a great example of how a light park can literally transform a space with light, attract visitors, give the local economy a boost, and create an event that people want to visit and want to share.

We know a great deal about light parks because we’ve been helping cities, zoos, open spaces, and seasonal attractions harness the power of light to create unforgettable temporary attractions. If you’d like to learn more about you can use a light park to delight people and stand out from the crowd, get in touch with your local MK Illumination team. We’d love to help.

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