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#Inspiration    26/01/2019

Join us on a tour of MK Illumination’s extraordinary festive lighting designs at Christmasworld 2019

We’ll be discussing each of our designs in depth over the next couple of days, so here’s a visual tour to whet your appetite.

We start in brand new hall in the convention center in Frankfurt am Main: HALL 9.0. We’re situated at stand A50, and it’s huge! A screen of illuminated trees hides our treasures from view, but fortunately, we’re able to enter through The Arch of Life, a striking illuminated arch that takes inspiration from nature. It resembles intertwined branches, woven together and curved to form the entry to our Enchanted Forest. As we step through the arch, woodland animals appear to scamper along the arch, light-points twinkling, and the effect is magical.

On entering the Enchanted Forest, fantastic creatures of all shapes and sizes are visible at every turn. The Noble Forest Stag rears up, representing the changing seasons. Nearby, the Mystic Stag’s branch-like antlers stretch skywards, the Winter Unicorn swirls a light-filled tail.

The Majestic Lion, his mane of light-filled greenery, sits watching, silently, and Ulf the Pink Reindeer looks around in awe.

But not all the creatures of the Enchanted Forest are large: a flock of birds is frozen in mid-flight, looking down on visitors to the stand, and in the Magical Garden, color bursts forth from the Paradise tree, its branches ending in crystalline blooms, upon which sit the seldom-seen Xanadu Birds, who reflect and refract light.

Fairytale Fungi double as seats, and as visitors rest their weary feet, they fade from warm white to brilliant white, illuminating the space around them. An Other-worldly Mare seems to step into the space as if from nowhere: is the frame behind it a mirror, or a portal to another world?

Hidden amongst the glittering creatures is an unexpected refuge: a Magical Lounge glows golden in the light, and visitors to the Enchanted Forest can sit, talk, marvel, and enjoy refreshments from our team of wonderful caterers.

Through an exit on the stand, we find ourselves in a whole new world of magical moments: miniature worlds and themed concepts that celebrate Christmas in all its glory. Equally extraordinary but very different, the fiberglass themes from our sister company, MK Themed Attractions, add a child-like wonder to an extraordinary experience.

Dazed, we return to the Magical Lounge to talk to our talented designers and experience experts to find out how clients can draw inspiration from the Enchanted Forest and Magical Moments to take their visitor attraction and engagement campaigns to a whole new level.

Loved the tour?

Then you’ll love the real thing! Join us at our lounge at Christmasworld 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, soak up the festive atmosphere, and prepare to be inspired.

25.- 29. January 2019
HALL 9.0 / A50
Frankfurt am Main

Can’t join us in Frankfurt?

Download our Christmasworld publication, The MK Express, or contact us for more information.

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