Close up view of light sculpture of a ski jumper hanging above the streets for the FIS nordic ski world cup in the city of Seefeld, Austria.
#Public Spaces    22/02/2019

Keeping Seefeld bright for the 2019 FIS Nordic Ski Championships

It’s not every year that a town gets to host an event like the FIS Nordic Ski Championships, but the Austrian town of Seefeld has played host to the Olympic Nordic disciplines no fewer than three times – in 1964, 1976 and 2012 – so hosting in 2019 is both an honor and something that the town knows a great deal about!

The event started on 19th February and runs until 3rd March, and although the days are growing lighter, the nights are still long and dark, and the town wanted to make sure that their buildings and streets sparkled just as brightly at night as the snow does by day. With that in mind, the community made the decision to invest in winter lighting that would remain in place from December to March instead of opting for Christmas lighting that would only be visible over the festive season.

In December, the lighting brought the town’s popular Christmas market and Christmas events to life, in January they kept skiers cheerful, and in February, championship participants and supporters weeks will be treated to a visual feast throughout the town.

Over 1000 meters of magic string lights decorate facades, outline the church tower and highlight architectural elements, and combined with natural trees draped with strings of lights and over 80 brilliant white light-filled “icicles”, the night-time effect is particularly magical. To celebrate the town, we helped to put their name in lights – literally  – and the 3D illuminated characters, custom-designed to ensure that the typography matched the town’s logo, welcomes visitors as they enter.

Custom-designed light art

An extra special feature this year is the 3D light sculpture of a ski jumper, hanging suspended over one of the main pedestrian areas, much to the delight of visitors and to the organizers of the FIS Nordic Ski Championships, who commissioned another 3D light sculpture to celebrate the event, this time of a cross-country skier.

We love how Seefeld has combined light and light art to create a unique experience for visitors to the championships, and of course, we’re on the edge of our seats, cheering all the teams on.

Do you want shine a light on your event?

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