Close up view of button controlled red nosed light sculptures of giant stags in front of with red and golden baubles and icicles decorated christmas tree at the shopping center Spice in the city of Riga, Latvia.
#Retail Real Estate    10/04/2018

Latvia’s largest Christmas tree now interactive, too

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Over the Christmas period, we’re involved in hundreds of projects across the globe and now that summer is coming, we finally have a chance to look at some of the festive lighting concepts and Christmas lighting and decorations that our country offices delivered.

Today we’re taking a look at Latvia, specifically at “Spice” and “Spice Home” Shopping Centers.

The team at MK Illumination Latvia have been working with the two shopping centers for 6 years, delivering festive lighting and Christmas decorations each winter. In 2012, the first part of the project went live, with a 6-meter-high illumined 3D stag, which the centers turned into an interactive marketing opportunity by bringing in live deer to roam their open spaces during the holiday season.

In 2014, the Christmas lighting and decorations were enhanced further with custom bow decorations and Latvia’s largest Christmas tree – a 21-meter green tree decorated with red and gold ornaments, shimmering icicles, and topped with an illuminated star. Each year, the shopping centers organise a “Turning on the lights” event, where visitors can enjoy community, live music, and the excitement of counting down to the moment when the lights go on.

In 2017, the decorations received an upgrade: at the press of a button, the noses of the two stags turned red and the icicles on the tree lit up. This interactive feature proved to be a popular addition with children and adults throughout the season!

Although the decorations were taken down once the Christmas season had passed, we’re reliably informed that they will be up again for the 2018 / 2019 season.

Fun Facts
  • light points

    The decorations have over 241 000 light points and emit a warm white light.

  • set-up

    How long do you think it takes to install the lighting and decorations inside and outside of the two shopping centers? A full month, is the answer!

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