With magic string lite decorated facade of the hotel Schloßhotel aRosa in the city of Kitzbuhel, Austria.
#Inspiration    04/06/2019

Leisure and light: how to make a statement in your hotel with festive lighting

As we move towards the half-way point of 2019, hotels and other businesses in the leisure and tourism sector will inevitably start turning their thoughts to the end of the year and their Halloween, Christmas, New Year and – in the Northern Hemisphere – the winter and skiing season.

Light inevitably plays a big part in creating the right atmosphere and mood, and rightly so: it’s seen from afar, makes a powerful impression, and literally lights people up. It’s also an invaluable communication tool. With the right light, a hotel can choose to present itself as minimal and stylish, or family-friendly and fun. It can put its name in lights so that it’s easy to find, and give guests a warm welcome with a cheery glow. And hotels can even attract non-resident visitors by combining light and light art, drawing people to its bars, restaurants and other facilities, and even becoming social media stars that people love to talk about!

Let’s take a look at some of ways you can use light to make a statement in your space this year.

Festive lighting inspiration for hotels

A warm welcome

Use light to turn your entrance into a welcoming experience for guests and visitors.

Use classic strings of warm or brilliant white light in the porte-cochere for a timeless effect:

Add unexpected features like a larger-than-life light sculpture or unusual Christmas tree to get people talking:

Focus on your building’s architectural highlights:

Don’t forget the tree(s)

You can do all sorts of things with trees.

Keep it simple and decorate natural trees with glittering LED light strings:

Make a statement with giant tree decorated to match your brand and your values—you can even turn it into a walk-through tree that functions as a photo opportunity and an interesting feature filled with surprises.

Use your tree lights to send a message or show your logo:

Use a tree of light in outdoor spaces to create extra-special atmospheres:

Or simply get creative!

Storytelling with light

We’re storytelling creatures. Give visitors the right ingredients and the tales they’ll tell about your hotel will be the best marketing that money can’t buy.

Use light sculptures and highlight motifs to dazzle and delight:

Bring out the child-like joy in people with fairy tale motifs and story book characters:

Use light and art to connect your hotel to your city or region or a big event:

Or simply create something magical:

These are just some of the ways that you can harness the power light

The possibilities are almost endless, but if you want to make a statement with your festive lighting and decoration, you need to get started now.

A few string lights are easy to order and install, but to create to an experience, you may well want to consider light art, photo opportunities, interactive features, and animated lighting —all designed to enhance your space.

Love what you’re seeing and want to explore the possibilities?

Get in touch with your local MK Illumination team to talk about what’s possible and how to use festive lighting to its best effect for your space.

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