Little child standing in front of Light sculpture of a moose and illuminated organic balls at the shopping center Roosevelt Plaza in the city of Beijing, China.
#Inspiration    02/07/2019

Light Art, Light Furniture and Safety in Cities

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You love the idea of filling your city with public light art that is completely accessible to visitors. You want people of all ages to be able to touch the light art, climb it, and perhaps even sit and relax on it—particularly if it’s doing double duty as light art and street furniture.

BUT you don’t want people get electrocuted if they stick their fingers in the wrong place or if a cloudburst causes water and electricity to react.

We think that this is a perfectly reasonable expectation and understand the concerns that some cities have about both installing light art and encouraging people to “play” with it. That’s why all our outdoor lighting solutions, whether they are light strings or light art or light furniture or other decorative light for cities, are certified IP67 AND lights that might come into contact with people use low voltage lighting system.

Great! What on earth does this mean?

In short, the IP67 certification verifies that our lights are both dustproof AND protected against the effects of being temporarily submerged in water to a maximum depth of 1 meter for a maximum of 30 minutes. Using a low voltage system means that they have a lower electrical shock risk, making them safe for curious fingers and visitors of all ages.

What does safe outdoor light art, light furniture, and light decoration look like?

Outdoor lighting comes in all shapes and sizes and can be functional, beautiful, or both.

Ready to turn your city into a light-filled attraction that’s safe and stunning?

Get in touch with your local MK Illumination team to chat about what’s possible – and just about everything is possible!

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