Light sculpture of a magical royal swan in a lake at the zoo in the city of Neumünster, Germany.
#Inspiration    11/03/2019

How to create a summer attraction using festive lighting that looks great day and night

Summer is on its way but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to turn off the lights. The right lighting creates a magical atmosphere and allows people to experience a space in a whole new way, and this applies just as much in the bright summer months as it does over autumn and winter.

If you’re skeptical, just think about the summer light shows that nature provides year-on-year, each one an experience that we share with friends and family, in person and online: the flickering light of early-evening glow-worms and fireflies, the Milky Way blazing a trail through the night sky, flashing of lightning in summer thunderstorms, and June’s strawberry moon. These are but a few of seasonal delights that attract people in droves that depend very much on light.

So how can you use light to create a summer attraction?

Today we have three ideas to get you thinking about using light in creative ways to create a magical experience that draws visitors: by night, and often by day, too.

Create a 24/7 attraction by combining light with other materials

Let’s face it: a string of lights outdoors under the blazing hot summer sun doesn’t look like much. And although a shopping center can be an oasis from the season’s heat, twinkling lights might seem to lose some of their sparkle when people’s eyes are adjusting from the sunshine.

By combining lights with other materials like fiberglass, we can help you create highlight features that attract attention day and night, all year round, or magical worlds and light-filled displays that you can use to move visitors from place to place.

Turn a day-time attraction into a night-time experience by creating a light trail

Do you tend to attract visitors by day? This summer, create a unique attraction in your space that lights up after dark: using light and design, we can help you create a light trail that makes the summer days last longer, drives footfall, and moves visitors throughout your space. If you want to see this in action, take a look at Jeju Art Park in South Korea, where we used light and light sculptures to create an evening attraction that draws a whole new audience each night.

Use light art and structural lighting to make spaces feel safer and more inviting

Over the summer months, people want to be outdoors, but once the sun goes down, some areas feel unsafe, even if they’re not! Use highlights like our 3D light sculptures, and combine them with subtle façade and structural lighting to beautify and brighten up streets, squares, and parks for locals, whilst turning them into must-see destinations on the tourist map, too.

Inspired? Let’s talk about how light can transform your space over the summer months

Whether you want to add a small feature to add interest, or create a light feature that draws visitors, or you simply want to make spaces feel welcoming so that they’re well-used over the summer months, we’d love to help you find the right approach. Get in touch and let’s see what happens.

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