Make fashion festive in the New Year

Ideas and inspiration to support fashion-driven shopping center and retail marketing campaigns

If you’re in retail, manage a shopping center or manage the marketing for a city, you’ll know all about how quickly the fashion seasons fly by and how important sales are in getting the old stock out to make space for new and exciting pieces.

Over the next few months, we can look forward to:

Black Friday (29 Nov):
This is the day after the US celebration of Thanksgiving, and is traditionally a day where shoppers head out in search of deals. This trend is making inroads in Europe and elsewhere, so it might be the start of an interesting Campaign.

The run-up to Christmas (1 Dec-24 Dec):
Everyone wants something new and sparkling for the Christmas parties, and if not for the parties, then for Christmas or New Year. Lots of people also buy fashion items as gifts…

Boxing Day (26th Dec):
The day after Christmas is the start of Christmas sales in many countries and is yet another opportunity to attract visitors and move fashion items.

January & February 2020:
This is when the Spring season starts, even though the snow might be thick on the ground in your part of the world. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, shops are showing off their Autumn collections. In many parts of the world, January is also when ball season really gets going, so people are on the look-out for ball clothes too.

More seasons follow every couple of months, so how can create exciting, memorable market campaigns that attract visitors throughout the year AND stay within your already-stretched Budget?

Lighting up your fashion-inspired campaigns

A little light goes a long way, especially when you use it creatively in your campaigns. With your creative ideas and MK Illumination’s selection of modular, extendable lights and light motifs, it’s possible to create a unique campaign experience that can be changed throughout the year.

Although every lighting display is tailored to the available space and campaign, we thought it might be nice to give you some inspiration to get you thinking.

Marvelous mannequins

It’s in the (hand)bag!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

If the shoe fits, buy it!

Scent: a cocktail of memories and emotion

When in doubt, accessorize

Inspired? Think it might be helpful to talk?

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