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Make your home the talk of the town

As the winter season approaches, along with Christmas and New Year, we’re taking a look at some of the different types of buildings, structures and spaces that our teams at MK Illumination decorate each year.

Today we’re featuring residential properties and private homes. Whenever we tell people that we provide festive lighting and decoration for houses and home—almost always exterior lighting—we get surprised looks. “Isn’t it more typical for people to simply buy some simple lights online and do it themselves?” they ask.

Most of the time, the answer is yes, but every year we help a handful of clients transform stately homes, family homes and residential communities with light. The reasons clients engage us tends to vary: in some cases, they have a large home that they use throughout the season for entertaining and making an impression is a high priority. In others, the body corporate or managing body of a residential area chooses to use light and design to create an atmosphere filled with festive cheer for residents and visitors alike.

5 examples of private homes, decorated for the festive season

Here are five of our favourite examples.

Kiev, Ukraine – Residential Complex:

This tasteful residential complex in Kiev’s Italian Quarter used Ice Lite® chains from our Sparkling series to decorate roof gables and fences. The result? Warm, inviting, festive.

Newcastle, UK – Private Home:

This private home in the UK has beautiful architectural features as well as a large and immaculate garden set away from the road. In order to create a welcoming space and a real experience for the family and their guests over the festive season, our team in the UK transformed the house and grounds using a combination of architectural lighting, light motifs and greenery lighting in warm white and red to create a unique holiday installation.

Ukraine – Private Home:

Gable lighting and greenery lighting turned this private home into a winter beacon. As the only home in the street with festive lighting, it became a real feature for the family and passers-by.

Ringsted, Denmark – Private Home:

For the second year running, this private home in Ringsted, Denmark has turned a residential street into a must-visit attraction for locals thanks to installing a 6.5 meter 3D light sculpture of a stag on their front lawn.

Ukraine – Private Home:

To emphasize this home’s elegant lines, our team in Ukraine used simple strings of light to enhance the gables, and a myriad of colors to turn the property’s natural Christmas tree into a festive feature.

Do you want to make your home the talk of the town?

Get in touch with your local MK Illumination team and we can discuss how to create the right look and feel for you.

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