Representatives from the RollOn initiative, MK Illumination and bishop Hermann Glettler at the press conference at the showroom of MK Illumination in the city of Innsbruck, Austria.
#News    01/06/2019

MK Illumination and RollOn Austria celebrate humanity with light

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A 2.3-meter high light sculpture of an angel with only one wing was presented to RollOn Austria as a gift to symbolize the value of all lives.

When Marianne Hengl, initiator, and chairperson of RollOn Austria, approached MK Illumination to support her initiative that celebrates people with disabilities, it seemed on right to do so with light. Inspired by “Natasha”, the one-winged angel designed for the organization by Swarovski, MK Illumination crafted a 3D light sculpture entitled “The Sign of Life” that depicts an angel with one wing instead of two, illuminated with thousands of light points.

The meaning behind the artwork? That people with disabilities and handicaps are just as precious as everyone else. Although the angel is perceived as being incomplete or disabled, it is still an angel and it shines brightly with all its being.

“When Marianne Hengl and I began discussing the project, I was deeply impressed by her strength, her enthusiasm, and her warm nature. We are delighted to support her initiative, and its celebration of humankind. Because an angel is an angel with or without wings. A person is a person with or without disability,” said Marie Mark, owner of MK Illumination. “Light gives hope and fills people with emotion – all people.”

According to Marianne Hengl, the larger-than-life angel will be making a journey to Rome, where it will be blessed by Pope Francis during a general audience. All being well, it will then travel across the globe spreading its message of hope, confidence, and tolerance.

For more information about RollOn Austria, visit their website at To learn more about MK Illumination, visit or get in touch with our Press Officer:

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