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MK Illumination at Christmasworld in years gone by

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This year, we’re bringing an extraordinary display to Christmasworld 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, but if you’re not familiar with our presentations from previous years, you’ll find it difficult to compare. With that in mind, here’s a taste of what our designers and creative director presented in years gone by. You’ll see that they’re all exceptional in their own right, so by choosing the theme “Extraordinary” for 2019, we’ve set the bar very high indeed!

2018: Cheer Up!

In 2018, our message to visitors to Christmasworld was simple: Cheer up! We wanted to set aside time to enjoy being happy, and celebrate the sheer joy that lighting brings – to us, our clients, and their customers.

As part of our presentation, we wanted to show how seemingly simple products could be combined to create engaging and, thanks to some clever programming, interactive concepts that would help shopping centers and cities fill their spaces with joy. For example, the Color Cloud created an indoor thunderstorm, complete with lightning and sound effects. Our abstract Candle Tree, featuring individually arranged crates, each with a large Abraxus Candle, delighted visitors with its color-wave effect that lit up our Magical Shopping Lanterns that floated high above. Our “Catch a Star” photo booth combined clever design, Snowfall Echo Stars, and when posted to social media with the right hashtag, resulted in a printed photo for visitors to take home.

2017: Christmas Central

In 2017, we invited visitors to climb aboard our Christmas Express in our light-filled creation of a nostalgic 19th century railway station that represented the connection between the technology of the past and the possibilities that we have today thanks to technological advances.

Elegant gold, champagne, and silver motifs adorned our stand, shining and glittering, reflecting and refracting, and making it instantly clear that the concepts and products on display were of the highest quality. In addition to our golden Christmas Express, our display featured a Christmas Clock, framed by 3D light sculptures of a lion and unicorn that kept time, and Crystalline Creatures like a deer and rabbit from popular fairy tales that sparkled in their forests of thousands of light points. Our recreation of a Train Diner became the perfect spot for on-stand meetings, and chandeliers of all shapes, sizes, and material added to the display.

Pre-2017: Christmasworld presentations that we’re still proud of

Although our style has evolved over the years, we’re still incredibly proud of the design concepts, products, and displays that we produced prior to 2017. From breath-taking hummingbirds and 3D deer, to showcases of 2D motifs and nature-inspired designs, many of our earlier presentations were filled with lighting that still draw crowds to shopping centers, cities, travel spots, and corporate spaces worldwide.

That was then: what about now?

We’ll be unveiling our Christmasworld concept on January 25th. For now, all that we can tell you is that it’s going to be something truly special.

Curious? Then join us!


Visit our lounge at Christmasworld 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, soak up the festive atmosphere, and prepare to be inspired.

25.- 29. January 2019
HALL 9.0 / A50
Frankfurt am Main

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