#News    15/01/2019

MK Illumination invites visitors to “experience the extraordinary” at Christmasworld 2019

MK Illumination is all set to unveil extraordinary, experiential lighting concepts and insightful ideas to drive footfall, improve visitor flow, and encourage longer stays in shopping centers and cities at Christmasworld in Frankfurt am Main this January.

Visitors expect more

As the world market leader in festive decorative lighting, the company knows the importance of experiences when it comes to attracting visitors. For 22 years, they’ve been instrumental in creating emotive and experiential lighting concepts for shopping centers, cities, and travel and leisure retail spaces, and in 2019, they’re more convinced than ever that experiences are the key to visitor attraction and engagement. They also know that experiences need to change in order to keep visitors interested.

“People expect more than ever before from cities, shopping centers, visitor attractions, you-name-it,” says Thomas Mark, President of MK Illumination. “They want experiences that are richer, personalized, multi-layered, multi-textual, and that strike a balance between analog and digital. Increasingly, they don’t want to know that they’re being sold ‘an experience’ – they simply want to live it. That’s why we’re focusing on helping clients integrate light into carefully thought-out campaigns that fill spaces with atmosphere and feeling, and that span multiple seasons.”

One company, two divisions, unlimited ideas and insights

Visitors to Christmasworld in January will not only be able to tap into MK Illumination’s insights into experience creation using design, light, and well-planned campaigns, but also into insights and creative concepts from MK Themed Attractions, the company’s division that specializes in created themed creations, some of which integrate light, for any space wanting to create a “pull” effect.

MK Illumination and MK Themed Attractions have adjacent stands that share a common theme: EXTRAORDINARY.

“Why the theme? Well, it’s simple,” says Mark. “This year, we’re presenting extraordinary concepts, along with extraordinary advice to help visitors maximize the experiences they create all year round.”

What’s being presented?

And what can visitors expect to see on the MK Illumination and MK Themed Attractions stands this?

“Our Christmasworld presentations are always top-secret. We literally unveil our designs and concepts on the first day of the trade fair and this year will be no different. What I can say is that if you visit our stand, you can expect to see something that will touch you, that will trigger an emotion, and that will give you a taste of an extraordinary experience,” says Georg Öhler, Creative Director at MK Illumination.

Experience the extraordinary at Christmasworld 2019

Join MK Illumination and EXPERIENCE THE EXTRAORDINARY. Visit their lounge at Christmasworld 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, soak up the festive atmosphere, and prepare to be inspired.

25.- 29. January 2019
HALL 9.0 / A50
Frankfurt am Main

Can’t be in Frankfurt?

If you can’t be in Frankfurt, you can get a feel for the presentations and concepts on their websites, and of course, on social media, where they’ll be posting images and videos of the fair, the designs, and perhaps even an interview or two.

Find out more

For more information about MK Illumination, to request photos, or to arrange an interview during or after Christmasworld, get in touch and our press team will make sure that you have access to whatever you need.

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