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#Inspiration    15/05/2020

Spread a message of optimism and fill your space with a #SUMMER atmosphere!

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As the world slowly emerges from lockdown, cities and public spaces need and want to welcome people back. What better way to do this than by combining light, design, and creativity to create a welcoming atmosphere and to make it clear that life will go on, even if it’s a bit different to “life before Covid-19”?

From sparkling photo points that can be shared with friends and family who are still practicing social distancing, to sparkling decorative elements that turn facades and streets into magical experiences for all ages, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Budgets and sustainability are on everyone’s minds, including ours, which is why our outdoor concepts are weather-proof. Each motif and design concept adheres to the highest quality manufacturing processes, and light comes from long-lasting, low-energy LEDs. This means that you can use these joyful summer decorative elements for years to comes, which is good for you, good for your residents, and good for the planet.

Even better, many of our #SUMMER motifs work beautifully in spring and autumn, and photo points inspire all year round. With small seasonal additions, you can offer residents reasons to come into your open spaces again and again, from summer to summer.

Are you ready to turn #SUMMER 2020 into something special?

Get in touch with us and we’ll brainstorm ideas to help you bring people back.

We wish you a wonderful summer!

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