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#Articles    19/05/2020

Using lights to create a beacon of hope and gratitude in Szeged, Hungary

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During times like the Coronavirus crisis, showing solidarity, offering residents optimism, and showing gratitude and respect to the many people involved in keeping essential services running was and still is important for cities. Szeged is the third-largest city in Hungary, and when they wanted to lighten up the dark days of uncertainty in early 2020, they worked with MK Illumination Hungary to turn local water fountain, “Anna–kút” (Anna’s fountain or spring) into a beacon of hope and gratitude.

Located in the heart of the city, the fountain’s source is local thermal waters, and residents of the city visit the fountain often to fill their bottles with its warm, mineral-rich water that has a reputation for curing a range of illnesses. The wooden structure surrounding the fountain was decorated with 24 red hearts made from MK Illumination’s sustainable and recyclable Organic material. Thanks to their vibrant red color, the hearts are visible by day amongst the vines, and as evening approaches, they are filled with light from within and shine brightly throughout the night.

Now residents can visit the fountain to soothe ills of the body, whilst the cheerful hearts surrounding the fountain offer balm for troubled minds. They act as a reminder to those who see them that, even during a pandemic, optimism and gratitude are very much alive.

Do you want to create a beacon of hope in your city?

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