Pictures of the installation of light ball decoration in the shopping center Westfield London in the city of London, United Kingdom.
#Retail Real Estate    18/10/2018

Westfield’s Winter Transformation is Underway

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Earlier this year, MK Illumination won the tender to transform White City’s “Westfield London” into a magical place over the festive season.

Starting in 2018, we’ll be decorating Europe’s largest shopping center with a truly astounding selection animated displays, staging and of course, lighting.

We’ll be supplying over 700 of our Drape Lites to stage the center’s outdoor area with light, and over 2500 spheres of light, all of which can be individually controlled and animated in color, are planned to fill the indoor areas with festive cheer.

Installation of the lighting displays has already begun, which means long nights for our fabulous team (they can only work on installation overnight so that businesses can function as normal during the days), but they’ve assured us that it’s worth it: the early results are impressive to say the least!


Here’s a sneak peek of what’s happening in Westfield right now…


The unpacking…


The preperation…


The interim results…


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