Trees are falling at BARCANA


The company BARCANA belongs to our MK family and mainly focuses on selling “Giant Trees” in many different sizes and shapes. 

We would like to use this as an opportunity to remind and sensitize you to think of our family member BARCANA when it comes to “Giant Trees”.


Further information on BARCANA

Full time employees: 5

Employees during the season: 20

Production focus:

      – Giant trees and wreaths

      – Steel contructions

      – Balls and decorations

Product Availability

Product Availability

At the moment BARCANA still has some Giant Trees on stock.

In case you have some last minute enquiries, orders can be placed out of the following products:


  • Giant Christmas Tree up to 11m (with LED 029-019,w.o. deco baubles)
  • 2x Giant Natural Tree up to 11,8m (with LED 029-088, w.o. deco baubles)

Further Information

Please always check availability and possible delivery date. 
Once an order has been placed, the products are ready for delivery within 24 hours.

For more information on Giant Trees, please find attached the presentation from 2020.


Presentation from 2020 →

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