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Innovating Light Solutions towards a sustainable Future

Our world is changing. Resource challenges and the fight against climate change increase the need for energy efficient lighting. Shopping centers, retail spaces and individuals are using the upheaval of the pandemic as a chance to reset. For the lighting industry this represents an immense opportunity. Sustainability is no longer only a concept in the festive lighting industry. At MK Illumination towards sustainability and light pollution are set.

While lighting is a vital component to our everyday lives, it’s important to consider the impacts of excessive energy usage from an ecological perspective as well as the strain on societal infrastructure. Properly conserving electricity through maintenance, technological advances, and lighting install logistics is not only responsible for the environment and future generations but can save many shopping centers, retail spaces and individuals substantial money.

LED lighting: The source of light for your success

How can you help to create a better future? Start by switching to a more sustainable LED bulb in your business and replace traditional incandescent lighting. LEDs can deliver significant savings and are a solid long-term investment. Switching old incandescent bulbs and fixtures to LED technology can save energy, cut electricity bills for businesses, and reduce costs of replacements.

MK Illumination developed the Premium LEDs. The Premium LED has been proven to have a longer operating life. This is important because the highest CO₂ emissions arise during production – therefore, long-lasting products do not only mean fewer emissions, it also makes good sense for the planet and its inhabitants.

“Due to their longer product lifetime circle MK Illumination continues to be one of the most sustainable suppliers of festive lighting.” – Evelin Kletzer, denkstatt (

Additionally, tests indicate that compared with conventional LEDs, the Premium LED shows minimal loss of luminance (lumen in percent). MK Illumination’s low-power Premium LEDs consume up to 80 percent less energy whilst emitting minimal heat.



Buy Smart: Decorative Lighting with increased Safety and Quality

Environmentally friendly and sustainable festive lighting represents a responsible use of energy and resources. As already mentioned, the highest CO₂ emissions arise during production. The design of the modular lighting system allows to be repaired; thus, it minimizes the unnecessary disposal of components before the end of their maximum service life.

MK Illumination’s BUY SMART is the first valuation model for decorative lighting products and motifs. With the BUY SMART model, MK Illumination promises to its customers that MK lighting products are not only efficient, legal, and safe, but also as sustainable as possible. To protect the environment, the world market leader makes no compromises in the quality of its products, which results in a particularly long product life cycle for the illuminated motifs.



“This is important because as we all know the highest CO₂ emissions occur during production. We are pleased that we can now add another quality factor to our BUY SMART approach. Namely, the first Festive Light Code in our industry, which sets out clear guidelines on how to reduce light pollution. We know we’re not perfect, but we are constantly working to improve our sustainability agendas,” says Klaus Mark, CEO MK Illumination.

The model will help customers check and evaluate crucial quality aspects when buying lighting products. It is based on four criteria: Safety, legality, efficiency, and sustainability. And MK Illumination only offers lighting that complies with all Buy Smart quality criteria. 

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10 years of Organics

Let’s go back to 2011. Only a few in the festive lighting sector are concerned about our planet.

As pioneers in the sector, MK Illumination was the first company in the field of festive decorative lighting to develop a sustainable product line that would appeal to people, not only because of its materials and durability but also with its eye-catching look-and-feel.

Driven by their passion for innovation, the first organic motifs were launched as early as 2011. The first ORGANIC BALL marked the beginning of a trailblazing breakthrough for MK Illumination. The first product quickly became a whole series, one colour became many, a winter design became a variety of motifs crafted to delight throughout the year.

10 years later and the evidence that people worldwide understand and embrace the benefits of our Organics series is plain to see. Simply sustainable!

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MK Festive Light code

MK Illumination was the first company in the industry to address the issue of light pollution. In cooperation with the Tyrolean Environmental Ombudsman’s Office, which has been dealing with this issue for years and has been carrying out an EU-funded project on the subject until the end of 2021, it has developed a LIGHT CODE that provides clear instructions on how to minimize light pollution in the field of festive lighting.

Where there is light, there is also shadow: The excessively artificially illuminated night has a deadly effect on animals and severely disturbs the biorhythms of plants and humans. Mankind increasingly losing its view of the starry sky, one of the cornerstones in the development of human culture. By applying certain criteria, the negative effects of artificial lighting can be reduced relatively easily.

The Festive Light code accordingly provides a clear guideline e.g., in which environment (zone) which lighting should be switched on for how long, depending on the time of year and the time of day and which light sources should be used – or how to find solutions to minimize light or how to find solutions that minimize light pollution by means of dynamic lighting control.

Make 2022 your most sustainable Christmas yet

The festive season is important for the whole retail real estate branch. It’s time to invest in strategic and sustainable campaigns designed to bring joy back into people’s lives, remind them of how important your space is, and drive footfall.

Given that it’s possible to create a remarkable festive experience that does all this. It makes sense to invest in festive lighting and decoration that will make 2022 your most sustainable Christmas yet.

December is “only” months away and creating a unique, sustainable Christmas concept for a retail space takes time and planning, not to mention access to quality lighting and festive motifs. Working with well-established festive lighting providers who have their own production facilities and a global Know-how in sustainable lighting will give you the best chance of creating something special.

Let us plan and visualise a unique light experience for your space

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