Easter: Simpy perf(egg)t

Peace, Joy, and Egg hunt

Already shortly before the end of the year we want to take a look in the direction of Easter, because Easter comes faster than one thinks. We at MK Illumination would like to make the world of customers a little bit more colourful and diversified and thus increase the quality of stay and the shopping experience.

Besides Christmas and birthdays, Easter is the third most important day in retailing. In Germany, Easter is generating additional revenue of up to 2,2 billion Euros. Also in Austria, Easter is generating an increase in turnaover of up to 210 million Euros a year. This means that people are spending an average of 66 Euros on Easter presents. Among the best-selling gifts people buy for their loved ones are candy, toys, colourful Ester eggs as well as flowers.

Easter is a celebration that not only makes children’s eyes light up, many adults also find joy in sending children on Easter egg hunts and giving each other a treat with small gifts. 


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Spring Fever and Bunny Happiness


Our design teams have put their creative brains together and they’ve come up with a range of inspiring Easter concepts just for you! By combining Easter motifs and festive lighting, you can create a space that’s perfect for visitors to enjoy a breathtaking experience which remains in people’s memories!

Motifs in all different shapes and coloures provide people with the appropriate setting to celebrate Easter with your family and friends.

Besides, our motifs are also made of a variety of materials. It does not matter whether you are interested in light motifs from MK’s own manufactury, Organic motifs consisting of biamaterial or Easter eggs made of fiberglass, there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

Creative exchange and free visualization


If we raised your interest in our products we would be pleased to arrange an appointment with you. 

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