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Witch Pod & Coffin with Gravestone

Witch Pod
Let your visitors capture a unique Halloween experience with our Witch Pod.
Perfect for parks or around photobooth areas
Made of durable fiber glass
Coated and painted to last
78″ or about 2m in height

Coffin with Gravestone
A must-have photo op or body pod this Halloween with its horrifying look & well-made cosmetics.
Splendid outer texture and painted finish
Made of long lasting fiberglass
Stands around 200 cm
Witch photo pod perfect for Halloween

Gravestone and Shovel

A gravestone decor for your Halloween with authentic primitive western look.
Made of fiberglass for optimal strength and durability
Stone like texture and finish
Weighs around 9 kg
Coffin with gravestone. Perfect for Halloween.

Giant Tarantula Spider

Spans around 170 cm, this high quality giant Tarantula spider replica is a perfect accent to your Halloween themed display.
Made up of strong fiberglass for durability
Able withstand outdoor weather
Weigh approx. 16kg
Giant spider for Halloween




The night

The night

ugly creatures

ugly creatures

Witch’s Cauldron

A very large witch’s cauldron for exciting and interactive Halloween photos.
Made of high quality fiberglass
Painted/matte overall finish
1.1m accross, able to fit adults
witch's cauldron

Pumpkin with Witch Hat

A huge witch-like carved pumpkin made of fiberglass for a complete Halloween experience.
Beautiful pumpkin orange coating
Made with ultra durable fiberglass
Weighs around 20kg
Fiberglass Halloween pumpkin that lasts forever
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