Energy efficient through the winter

In times like these, it is particularly important to utilize our resources as intelligently and efficiently as possible and therefore also to save energy. Without question the basic supply of the population must be guaranteed. MK Illumination is aware of the current situation in the energy sector and its responsibility. Our products and lighting concepts contain exclusively of energy-efficient LED lighting technology with exceptionally low energy consumption. 

Sometimes many people believe that festive lighting is an “energy guzzler”. It is not, if only LED is used. However, the facts are clear: the power consumption for festive lighting is much lower than some people might think, because MK Illumination’s lighting concepts are based 100% on LED lighting.

To illustrate this information and the relation of christmas lights in relation to the urban consumption or that of an institution such as a shopping center in the following example – two calculations can be found on how small the electricity savings are defacto when christmas lights are switched off.

Power Consumption of Christmas Lighting_3 Power of Consumption of Christmas Lighting_7
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