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The Joy and Value of shopping

Many months of abstinence have reminded people of the joy of analogue shopping experiences. Although there may be some initial uncertainty, the future for brick-and-mortar shopping looks bright, in spite of the consistently strong role that online shopping will continue to play now and in years to come.

People are no longer interested in simply shopping, they want to shop for the sheer joy of being out-and about, and of being able to buy what they want and where they want it. This light-hearted mood is tempered by consumers’ increasing awareness of ecological issues and their role in protecting the planet. It is vital that sustainability and value orientation are not ignored by shopping centers. Our increasingly conscious communities are tired of companies simply talking about sustainability, now they expect tangible action.

This presents shopping centers, cities, and municipalities with an unparalleled opportunity to forge new paths, come up with innovative approaches, and press the “RESET” button on the past so that they can forge ahead with new ideas and offers. After all, they have so much more to offer than retail.  In fact, it could be argued that one of their key differentiators is the quality of stay on offer. Creating opportunities to bring people together is more important now than ever before, even if some are still a little hesitant.


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Festive and sustainable lighting for shopping centers

So why should shopping centers focus on festive lighting? The answer is, festive light simply makes people happy. It is precisely this feeling of happiness that people are craving. Festive light creates atmosphere, attracts visitors, and gives people a reason to linger longer. Rituals like the joyful and carefree celebration of Christmas are at the forefront of our minds because they offer a feeling of safety and security in turbulent times. Light plays a decisive role in celebrating not only Christmas, but many other traditional highlights around the world. However, our celebrations shouldn’t have to come at the cost of our future and that of our planet.

When we’re able to successfully bring aesthetics and sustainability together, a positive upturn is assured. Fortunately, this is already possible. MK Illumination for example, was the first to combine beautiful design and sustainable materials to create planet-friendly festive lighting, and its LED fairy lights have the longest service life around. Not only that, but the company launched its so-called “Organic” range of sustainable designs a decade ago. In the future, companies of all shapes and sizes are sure to follow suit. Today, they are forging ahead with new and improved innovations to make their products even more people-and-planet-friendly.


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