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MK Festive Light Code – what is this?

Festive decorative lighting adds sparkle, optimism, and a splash of joy to the everyday. 

Light can sometimes have the opposite effect, however. Poorly planned and excessive lighting displays can negatively affect people as well as animals, plants, and the natural world that surrounds us.

Therefore the light code was developed in partnership with the Austrian federal state of Tirol, whose environmental ombuds office has been working tirelessly in recent years to reduce and prevent light pollution. This code will give you clear guidelines to help you plan your lighting project with sustainability in mind, and how to reduce light pollution in the process.


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Effects of light pollution
  • Room brightening

    The day, and night rhythm of people is disturbed

  • Brightening the environment

    If phases of natural darkness are changed by artificial light, this has an impact on the life functions of animals and plants

  • Light smog

    Too much light smog makes the starry sky disappear

3 ways to reduce light pollution

Where? - Environment of the project

Zone 0 – No Light
– Untouched natural areas
– Sensitive ecosystems
– Dark night landscapes
– Unpopulated cultural landscapes

Zone 1 – LEDs only, low luminance, warm light colors, shielding
– Scattered settlements
– Settlement outskirts
– Urban nature islands

Zone 2 – Dynamic light control, shielding necessary
– Urban Open Spaces (e.g. Shopping streets, public places, …)

Zone 3 – All illuminants possible
– Interiors (e.g. Shopping malls, railway station, …)

When? - Time of day and period


– Artificial light can interfere with hibernation of animals, as well as affect animal migration, mate or breed phases

Time of day

– The greater the natural light/dark rhythm is superimposed – e.g. the fewer natural light fluctuations are discernible – the greater are the ecological effects on the life functions of animals and plants

How? - Technical implementation

Light sources
– LED, Halogen, …

Light color
– cool/warm

Helligkeit & Leuchtdichte
– Licht pro Fläche (Candela/m²)

– Structure of the light sources
– the direction of light
– exposure of the light points


Our Light Code compliant products

Our “Light Code Approved” light motifs do not emit light directly into the atmosphere. They are equipped with dynamic light control, which allows for time, light color, and brightness control, reducing light pollution.

Dynamic light control is used when upward light emission is not possible for aesthetic reasons.

"Light Code Approved" light motif

Light color change

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If you have any further questions about our Festive Light Code or are interested in our “Light Code Approved” lighting products, please feel free to contact us. 


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