Light parks

True light experiences

In recent years, MK Illumination has increasingly specialized in bringing special places to life with its own light park event formats. “Our light parks are real-life experiences and provide a deliberate counterpoint to the digital world. We want people to experience the real world, not just consume images on the net,” says Klaus Mark CEO of MK Illumination, describing the positive development of his parks.

Each light park should amaze visitors by its uniqueness. This is why the light artists of LUMAGICA deal with the peculiarity of each place and try to match the history of the location with the most suitable light sculptures in order to create a coherent concept.

By doing so, tailor-made, design-driven lighting solutions from MK Illumination are used to create inviting atmospheres and unique visual experiences that encourage visitors to share their experiences with others and return year after year.

Visiting a light park should turn into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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Light park potential for shopping centers

How can shopping centers use light to control visitor flow AND create an interactive experience that drives footfall and increases media exposure?

By using light, light installations, or light sculptures, a shopping center can create an attraction that would draw people from across the city. Different “story spots” can guide people through the mall’s inside as well as its outside area by using light as the guide. It can become a popular attraction for families, groups of friends, and even for “social media influencers” keen to take selfies of themselves in front of the spectacular light motifs and light sculptures on display.

Light trails and motifs in shopping centers are innovative solutions that can help centers and malls drive footfall, manage visitor flow, support seasonal campaigns, and raise their profile locally and online. With a regularly changing theme, some clever marketing tie-ins and features that actively encourage shoppers to engage with the displays and surrounding shops, center managers have a real opportunity to please shoppers, tenants and center owners.

Let your imagination run wild and you’ll see how light can help you create unique events and experiences that keep people coming back for more.


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Our light parks around the world

With our first light park ever, the journey of LUMAGICA started in 2018 in Hückelhoven, Germany. Today, we are delighting thousands of people in our light parks around the world. This year, we organized light parks in 23 countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Japan, or UK. As our light parks have been a huge success the last couple of years, the number of light parks steadily increased. When visiting one of our light parks, visitors are guided through paths full of breathtaking light displays and various themed worlds. People cannot only experience a festive atmosphere, but people create unforgettable memories they will keep in mind.

In order to outline the success of our light parks, here are some numbers of our German light parks:

  • Neuwied: around 68.000 visitors per year
  • Hückelhoven: around 45.000 visitors per year
  • Hattingen: around 58.000 visitors per year
  • Düsseldorf: around 62.000 visitors per year
  • Molfsee: around 62.000 visitors per year

Benefits of our light parks

A light park does not only bring joy to visitors but is also beneficial for cities, regions and shopping centers. It is not only an amazing attraction for people, especially during the dark time of the year, it is also a concept that drives footfall, improve visitor flow, encourage longer stays and increases sales. Moreover, new target groups can be reached which increases visitor frequencies and improves the image and attention of your shopping center.

Sustainability is our responsibility

LUMAGICA in association with MK Illumination, is committed to designing and manufacturing the greenest illumination technology and finding solutions for the most sustainable business practices. We make a real contribution by reducing carbon emissions to help reverse the negative impact they have had on our world. In our light parks we strive to use natural and recycled materials within our products to ensure sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We are committed to using sustainable materials and energy saving solutions where possible.

As an industry leader in lighting solutions, we take our responsibilities extremely seriously, we are always seeking to find environmentally friendly solutions. Our LED lights consume extremely low energy and have a negligible effect on the environment. In this way, we wish to make a significant contribution towards the permanent reduction in CO2 emissions and their subsequent environmental damage.

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