We stand with Ukraine

MK Support Fund for Ukraine

It is hard to imagine how much suffering and pain the war causes to the people in the Ukraine.

We as a global MK family feel the urge to help and support our colleagues of MK Ukraine who are suffering and frightening for their lives! 

Their names are Anna, Alexander, Anastasia, Yaroslav, Alik, Ihor. They all have friends and families. Based in the Ukraine they are part of our global MK family. This is why we need to stick together and support them as good as we can. We have decided to set up an internal “MK Support Fund”. With this initiative we will support our MK Ukraine family by raising money because this is the least we can do to help them right now.


What do we want to do with this financial support?

  • We want to provide urgent help for those inside Ukraine: 
    They will need money to finance their travel for escape, to buy food, medicine, petrol etc. To give you an example, we know that Anna is currently hiding in the basement together with her famiy and they only have some potatoes and onions left. They even have to melt snow to have some water. 
  • We want to provide basic help for MK colleagues and their friends and families who have been able to leave the country:
    They will need financial help for BASIC human needs as well as shelter as soon as they are entering another country.
  • We want to help our colleagues to rebuild their lives in the Ukraine in the long run:
    We deeply hope that this horrible conflict will end soon for the sake of the people in the Ukraine. Our colleagues and their families will still need our support to recover.
  • If in two years we find we don’t need the fund anymore, any money that is left will be donated to a charity


Apart from financial support, we try to help our people to get out of the country and provide support as soon as they cross the border to a neighbouring country.

In order to perfectly manage all actions and transactions of our MK Support Fund, we have set up a team for all organizational activities:


Willy Marsman



Bernadette Larcher
Georg Öhler
Horea Baba
Klaus Mark
Lukasz Bieda
Mark Eder
Olga Scheller
Peter Leithner
Rogier Wesling
Ruud Marsman
Viktor Galos


MK Austria and MK Netherlands both already decided to pay € 10.000 each into the MK support fund. If you also want to help our dear colleagues in Ukraine, we would highly appreciate your contribution to the fund.


IMPORTANT the reference text needs to be “MK Support Fund”

Account number: IBAN: AT65 3600 0000 0083 4259


MK Illumination Handels GmbH


Solidarity Initiatives

Barmen: lights in blue and yellow

Many cities and companies have already started a solidarity initiative by colouring buildings, streets etc. in the colours blue and yellow.

Also the city Barmen did so by letting our Organic Balls shine in the Ukrainian national colours blue and yellow. It is not only a sign of solidarity, it is also a sign to welcome Ukrainian refugees.

Photocredit: Tom V Kortmann – www.Mausklick-Mediendesign.de

School bags for Ukrainian children

Colleagues in Innsbruck became active themselves and supported various actions. For example, over 600 school bags were collected in schools in Innsbruck for the Ukrainian children. MK Illumination took over the transport to Poland (Poznań-Posen). The refugee children get a piece of normality back with a school visit. And this is what MK Illumination is committed to.

Design for Peace

Light is a very powerful tool to communicate a certain message. In order to express our sympathies for the Ukraine and ukrainian citizens, our design teams put a lot of effort into creating some impressive sketches. We stand for Ukraine and we stand for peace is exactly what we want to communicate with those designs. Take a look at the selecion and get inspired.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said “Peace between countries must rest on the solid foundation of love beween individuals”. Let’s take this quote and show our love for people in Ukraine and the whole ukrainian nation.

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