Organic Pro

The natural Evolution of our Organic Line

Gentle on the environment and featuring a natural wood look – these are the two key aspects that have made our Organic Line stand out successfully for more than ten years. Resulting from a new production process, „Organic Pro“ presents itself as the next generation of light motifs made of our biomaterial in completely new creative designs – more diverse, more colourful, and even more contextual.

Advantages of Organic Pro

Advantages of Organic Pro

Design Freedom


Thanks to a new manufacturing process, we have succeeded in developing the new „Organic Pro“ line opening up completely new design possibilities: we can create now an entire motif from one „cast“ without a load-bearing aluminium structure. This not only facilitates recycling, but it also contributes signifi cantly to an even more natural appearance.

Also, in the future, things will literally be more colourful in the „Organic universe“ of MK: we have expanded the colour spectrum considerably thus facilitating diff erent colour combinations in a motif. Even when it comes to the shape, there is hardly any need for compromises, as a variety of shapes and forms can now be freely combined as required. Now it is also possible to easily meet the needs of all those who like to „think big“: the „Organic Pro“ motifs are available up to a size of one by two meters.

Sustainable is what lasts 


With durable products, we help to use less energy, waste less water, and to generate less waste. This is why it is important that our products are used for many years. Like all our organic products, our new „Organic Pro“ line is extremely resistant to wind and weather as well as to fungus. Our motifes can therefore be enjoyed outdoors without losing any of its appeal.



The „Organic Pro“ line is made of a biomaterial, which means that a relevant proportion of the material mix is based on a renewable raw material. This has the advantage that fossil resources are conserved and CO2 emissions in material production are signifi cantly reduced. In our case, this raw material is wood. The proportion of wood used for the motifs, which accounts for around 30% of each motif, comes from a radius less than 100 kilometres away from our suppliers. Furthermore, it is only sourced from forestry companies that are PEFC certifi ed. The polypropylene incorporated into the mass is environmentally friendly and recyclable at the end of its life cycle – so the material is reusable.

Made in Europe


All Organic Pro motifs – like all our biomaterial motifs – are carefully handcrafted in our MK-owned manufacturing facility in Prêsov (Slovakia). The manufacture is certifi ed to the ISO Standard 9001. Each piece is one of a kind.

Our Organic Pro products

Thanks to a new production process, the next generation of light motifs, made of our biomaterial, presents itself in completely new creative designs – more diverse, more colourful, and even more contextual. Are you interested in our Organic Pro products, then let yourself be inspired by a small product selection. If we have caught your interest, please feel free to contact us and work with us to create a perfect staging for you.

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