Shopping Centers & Malls - Shenzhen, China

3D Light festival, Shenzhen, China

One Avenue is a modern, new and luxurious shopping center inmidst Shenzhen. The center decided to equip the entire lighting decoration with three 3D light sculptures with the help of MK China.

The 3D tornado light sculpture is 4 m high. Through a light animation, the radiant glow of the tornado is shown to its full advantage and a real tornado is imitated spectacularly.

The walking moose creates a warm, family-friendly atmosphere. The 5 m glittering moose hangs out in One Avenue and attracts children to play.

The Star Tree is an 8 m high modern wishing tree wrapped in violet glitter, which is unique in its own way.

one_avenue_shenzhen one_avenue_shenzhen one_avenue_shenzhen one_avenue_shenzhen
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