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Berlin Tegel Airport, Germany

When Berlin Tegel Airport wanted to use lighting to create a Christmas atmosphere that was both glamorous and traditional, we decided to take a traditional star motif and give it a fun, festive twist to help them meet their goals.

To keep things traditional we created motifs of the original Herrnhut stars that originated in the early 19th century, filled them with light, and used them to decorate halls and walkways.

String lites were used to brighten up entrances to halls and gates, and strings of warm white light were used to add a festive touch to outdoor areas, like the bus stop and drop-off zones, and similar lighting made an appearance indoors at the entraces to the halls and gates.

To welcome passenders and bid them a fond farewell, an atmospheric light show features in the drop-off area, adding a modern touch the festive travelling experience.

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