Public Spaces - Malmö, Sweden

City of Malmö, Sweden

Malmö is MK Illumination Sweden’s hometown! This multicultural and international city embraces difference and diversity and has no qualms in being unconventional when it comes to their festive décor and lighting. This year was no different. 

For one of the city’s most visible public spaces, just across the cultural centre, railway station and near the town centre, our team in MK Illumination Sweden helped the city create a fantastically festive pink tree.

The tree put an instant smile on the faces of residents, regardless of ethnicity or creed, and created an inclusive Christmas experience that could be enjoyed by all ages. Thanks to the reflection of the lighting in the canal, the effect of the light points was doubled: a real “two-for-one” deal for onlookers!

city-of-malmö city-of-malmö city-of-malmö
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