Dnepr, Ukraine

Ekaterinoslavskiy Boulevard

The luxury complex Cascade Plaza is located in the historical part of Dnieper and combines innovative building technologies, high attention to detail and first-class service with an architecture based on the “golden section” principle.

The popular Ekaterinoslavskiy Boulevard forms part of the complex and is a favorised recreation area for residents of Dnepr. The owners of the complex, Alef Estate, wanted to make the boulevard even more appealing to visitors, both in the evenings during the summer months, and in the colder, darker winter months. 

MK Illumination Ukraine helped to decorate the boulevard with a completely new experience lighting, whose concept with circular motifs reflects the idea of the alternation of day and night, and the combination of warm and cold light symbolizes the union of moon and sun.

The resulting lighting looks great throughout the year, makes visitors feel welcome and safe, and that is in keeping with the style and brand of Cascade Plaza.

ekaterinoslavskiy-bulvar ekaterinoslavskiy-bulvar
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