Shopping Centers & Malls - Szczecin, Poland

Galeria Kaskada, Szczecin

This year’s Christmas celebrations literally covered the entire cascade galleries in Szczecin. The lighting consisted of more than 320,000 light points. Thousands of light bulbs illuminated the gallery building. The monumental glass façade was illuminated with Christmas motifs in the shape of a ball. 

At the central square inside the building a large, 10-meter-high Christmas tree was placed, the main decoration of which were mirror circles wrapped around the Christmas tree. The photopoint placed next to it in the form of a giant ball attracted many visitors.

As visitors walked through the center, they saw highly decorative baubles everywhere. In all the skylights, Christmas trees were set up in mirrored circles whose shape was inspired by Christmas tree baubles. The effect of the gallery lighting was complemented by the decoration of the balustrades.

All in all, this year’s Christmas decoration was a complete success!

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