Shopping Centers & Malls - Linköping, Sweden

I-Huset, Linköping, Sweden

I-Huset in Linköping is a bi-level shopping center with shops & restaurants, plus indoor & outdoor play areas for kids that forms part of the city’s IKEA location.

When speaking with I-Huset, it quickly became apparent that it was of the utmost importance that their Christmas lighting and decorations reflect their commitment to simplicity and sustainability without detracting from the center’s architecture.

To help them achieve their goals, MK Illumination Sweden filled the center with an abundance of greenery and nature-themed light motifs including pinecones, acorns, squirrels, and other woodland animals. These complemented and contrasted with the existing brilliant white lighting in the center and added a playful dimension that was in keeping with the center’s brand and values.

The perfect balance between form and function, architecture and décor, resulted in a stress-free Christmas shopping experience with a warm Nordic touch.

i-huset-center-linköping i-huset-center-linköping i-huset-center-linköping
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