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Illuminated highlights in Stuttgart

In 2019, Stuttgart’s Schlossplatz was illuminated for the second year running with a selection of light sculptures designed to shine a light on some of Stuttgart’s must-see attractions.

In addition to the popular motifs from 2018, which included extraordinary sculptures of a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupé, Porsche’s iconic 1963 911, the TV Tower, Anastasia (from the musical), a trumpeting elephant, the Sepulchral chapel, and a Ferris wheel representing the annual Wasen, this year’s display also includes an illuminated wine glass to represent the Stuttgart wine village, which takes place every late summer in the city center.

Once again, the illuminated anniversay column formed part f the “Herzenssache” and helped raise money for the cause.

Glanzlichter Stuttgart was the result of the partnership of the MK Illumination team in Germany and our Premium Partner, Neon Nail.

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