Shopping Centers & Malls - Hanghzhou, China

Jinsha Incity, Hanghzhou, China

Jinsha Incity is a shopping complex surround by many universities. The result is that the retail space attracts young, vibrant, and curious visitors. The shopping complex wanted to create a festive experience for the winter season that was different to the norm. 

After much consideration, our team at MK Illumination China created a series of 3D light sculptures of tornadoes that use animation to create a dazzling light show that imitates the chaos and beauty of real tornados. Standing at an impressive 4.5 meters high, the tornadoes became popular photo points and selfie spots, and had visitors stopping to enjoy the spectacle.

The shapes of the tornadoes echoed the architecture of Jinsha Incite, which helped to create a consistent brand feel as well as a memorable festive experience.

Jinsha_Incity_Hanghzhou Jinsha_Incity_Hanghzhou Jinsha_Incity_Hanghzhou Jinsha_Incity_Hanghzhou
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