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Längenfeld, Austria

Längenfeld  in Tirol’s Ötztal valley is a popular holiday destination for tourists, thanks to it plethora of hotels, spas, nightlife, and easy access to the ski slopes, so creating a welcoming atmosphere with festive light is an important part of the town’s positioning over the holidays. That’s why it transforms itself into a sea of lights over the festive season.

In 2019, LED light points decorated gables and facades of private, commercial and public buildings and the town’s natural trees were draped with light chains and featured a range of festive organic motifs. Additional highlights appeared at the fountain in front of Hotel zum Hirschen, which was covered with thorns of ice, and the local pavilion became THE place to be thanks to its angelic light sculpture and 3D light furniture that invited visitors to simple enjoy the atmosphere.

To add to the unforgettable atmosphere, a Giant Tree decorated with light and Organic Balls appeared in the town’s main roundabout and street lamps and across street lighting led the way into and out of the town.

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