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Maria-Theresien-Straße, Innsbruck, Austria

For many years, MK Illumination has been behind the festive lighting in the city of Innsbruck that residents and visitors flock to see. In 2019, Maria-Theresien-Straße received an upgrade with two huge illuminated Christmas balls that appeared in the heart of the street’s annual Christmas market. One of the motifs adorned the market stalls, whilst the other provided additional seating and became a popular selfie point over the Christmas holidays.

Another new addition to the city’s lighting is a brand new light sculpture of the so-called “Four Critter Corner”, or “Vier Viecher Eck”, which appears in a square surrounded by four inns, each bearing the name of a different animal: the Red Eagle”, the “Golden Stag”, the “White Horse” and the “Golden Lion”. This light sculpture features each of the animals represented and shouldn’t be confused with the fairy tale, “The Musicians of Bremen”! 

The city’s festive atmosphere is powered by low energy LEDS, which helps keep the energy budget manageable and helps with the city’s sustainability goals.

maria-theresien-straße_innsbruck maria-theresien-straße_innsbruck maria-theresien-straße_innsbruck maria-theresien-straße_innsbruck
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