Shopping Centers & Malls - Gothenburg, Sweden

Nordiska Kompaniet, Göteborg

Nordiska Kompaniet, NK for short, is the most prestigious department store in the center of Gothenburg. 

Since the most noble fashion brands are represented, the Christmas decorations cannot be less than spectacular. However, sales space is scarce and geared to the retail trade. So what needs to be done? 

With the help of MK Illumination Sweden, the two atriums of the department store were used for the central staging, each of which featured a floating seven-meter-high tree with natural branches. The Christmas trees were designed to look beautiful from every perspective and from every floor, accentuating the height of the atriums.

NK’s decorators took on the task of decorating the trees with hundreds of our different Christmas tree baubles to create a wonderful, trendy splash of color.

nordiska-kompaniet_göteborg nordiska-kompaniet_göteborg nordiska-kompaniet_göteborg
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