Shopping Centers & Malls - Vienna, Austria

Q19 Einkaufsquartier, Döbling, Austria

One of the many highlights at Q19 shopping center in Döbling over the holidays is their festive lighting. The center invests in festive lighting because they know that light makes people happy and happy people stay longer and shop longer!

Over the 2019 festive season, the center opted for a palette rich in reds and warm white light, and filled their interior with oversized Organic Ball motifs that shone a welcoming red above the heads of visitors. Curtains of light added a touch of class, as did the trail of festively lit Christmas trees that decorated the center.  A light sculpture of a horse doubled as a selfie- and photo-point, which proved popular with shoppers of all ages, and which made regular appearances on social media.

The center wanted their exterior to look as festive as their interior, so spectacular curtains of light transformed the outer façade into a visual delight that had that added benefit of welcoming shoppers from afar.

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