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UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group is a commercial bank based in that offers clients high-quality financial services following the best European traditions from its headquarters in an ancient part of Kiev, in the heart of Podol. 

For the festive season, the bank wanted to turn its central building into a holiday delight, using light to transform its historic façade and set it apart from the other historic buildings in the city.

Working with the team at MK Illumination Ukraine, the bank chose a mixture of light chains in warm-white light and greenery garlands filled with light points to highlight the buildings features, create a warm and welcoming feel, and put a smile on the faces of employees and visitors alike throughout the holidays.

Simple, classy, and eye-catching, the end result was a memorable display that few other buildings in the area could compete with.

ukrsibbank ukrsibbank ukrsibbank
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