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Let’s go back to 2011. Only a few in our sector are concerned about our blue planet. Among them, two brothers who are often confused for each other, and their team in Tirol.In order to make the business of festive lighting cleaner and more sustainable, they tinker and experiment for countless hours.

As pioneers in the sector, theirs was the first company in the field of festive decorative lighting to develop a sustainable product line that would appeal to people, not only because of its materials and durability but also with its eye-catching look-and-feel.

Driven by their passion for innovation, the first organic motifs were launched as early as 2011. The first ORGANIC BALL marked the beginning of a trailblazing breakthrough for MK Illumination. The first product quickly became a whole series, one colour became many, a winter design became a variety of motifs crafted to delight throughout the year.

10 years later…

… and the evidence that people worldwide understand and embrace the benefits of our Organics series is plain 

Simply sustainable!

Aesthetics meets sustainability

Sustainable design only works if it also looks good. That’s why our designers constantly create new motifs that combine a natural appearance with bang-on-trend highlights. The result? A visual experience that makes an impression day and night.

Renewable material

Motifs made of “Organic Materials” are made of a bio-material. The polypropylene integrated into the material is environmentally friendly and recyclable at the end of its life cycle. The wood used for the motifs makes up about 40% of each motif and is sourced from a radius of fewer than 100 kilometres from our supplier. We also make sure that we only use wood that comes from forestry operations that are PEFC certified.

Durability – protects the environment AND the pocket…

Product manufacture is always the result of energy and resources. To keep these at a minimum, it’s vital that products have a long life, which is exactly what you get with the Organics range. Motifs in the series are designed to function effectively for years on end, and thanks to their durability, they look good for a long time, too.

Made in Europe

All Organics motifs are carefully handmade in our MK-owned factory in Prêsov, Slovakia. Each piece is unique.

Why Organics are so popular is easy to explain:

Why Organics are so popular is easy to explain:

Key facts


Organic products are made of a bio-material— 40% wood and 60% polypropylene—and can be recycled at the end of their life cycle. That means that an Organics Ball from 2011 can find a new life as an Organics Star in 2021!


The wood used for the motifs comes exclusively from PEFC-certified forestry operations.

40% wood content

The bio-material that we use contains 40% wood. That means that the material is renewable, which in turn helps to protect the environment. Thanks to our use of this bio-material in our Organics products, we have saved around 60 tonnes of plastic in 10 years, which translates to about 1,000,000 PET bottles!


Sustainable products don’t have to be ugly! Our Organics range has a natural look and comes in a wide variety of colours and shapes. This ensures that they look fantastic – day and night.


Our Organic motifs are designed to last for many years without losing their visual appeal, as people in Hanover know: our first Organic motifs have been braving wind and weather there since 2011, and they still look good! Longevity means that you can use our Organic products for longer, which means reduced energy and resource needs.

Let us plan and visualise a unique light experience for your space

Are you struggling to visualise the difference our Organic motifs will have on your space? No problem! Simply send us some photos of the location you have in mind and share your vision with us. We’ll come back to you shortly with an initial visualisation to get you thinking about your project…

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