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Flagship stores are often destinations in their own right, but online shopping has taken its toll and it’s now more important than ever for flagship stores to deliver experiences in addition to stand-out products. Not only do customers expect an exceptional brand experience: they also expect the store lighting, design, and creative flair to be exceptional.

Festive decorative lighting can help you achieve this by creating unique and engaging visual experiences, tailored to your space and designed to enhance your brand. We call these experiences True Light Experiences.

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Flagship Stores - Korea

Saks 5th Avenue: Once Upon a Holiday 2017




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Why consider festive decorative lighting for your flagship store?

  • Festive decorative lighting creates unique visual experiences that reinforce your brand and turn your customers into brand ambassadors and fervent followers.
  • Our design-driven approach to festive decorative lighting takes your location, brand, and values into account to create True Light Experiences that differentiate you from competitors.
  • Festive lighting has the power to heighten emotions, make people happy and influence visitors to share their experience of your flagship store in person and online, stay longer and immerse themselves in your brand.

Contact us to find out more about how MK Illumination can help you use True Light Experiences to transform your flagship store with festive decorative light.

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